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This is a Photo of me together with my Loving Wife Marianne.
My Eyes opened for the first time on April the Third, In the year of 1952.
I was born in the Town of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire-England.
after leaving Windsor Boy´s Boarding school at the early age of 15,
I decided to join Her Majesty´s Army.
My time as a Soldier went over quite Quickly..being Court Marshalled;
I was definitly here in the wrong Place...!!
Getting back to School, On the Aylesbury College for further Education;
I was able to reach the Advanced Levels in both Art & English Literature;
This was the Start of my Painting Career...Just reaching the age of Eighteen.
After just Two years passing  I believed everything was closing in on me,
I had to get away,    -Now leaving home to go to Australia, but I did´nt
get further than Germany....And since that Time I´ve been Living here.
ve settled down now,being almost Fifty years old and Living
with my Treasurable Wife & Three children,The Youngest being my son
David. The Oldest and second child coming out of Marianne´s First Marriage.
We work all quite hard for our Family Life..being really important to all of us.
A circumstance that has given me a lot of strength over the passing Years.
It´s Quite a matter of fact when Somebody asks me.." Can you live being an Artist"
My answer is always the same: " It´s not Easy... "  but we are as we are,
We have just got to get used to it!